Depth Perception


Lights. Color. Perception.

It’s all about your lighting, how you perceive hair color.

Using the blend app and two light settings, our perception of color can vary from place to place along our hair journey.

The left is natural pure sunlight; Full spectrum which projects more hues back to you for a “brighter” color.

The right is of indoor Day Light lighting. Which makes color appear more cool which celebrates a more accurate formula for the Level 4 at the base

Always remember that lighting is everything and sometimes you need different points of view.

**This color was already a level 6 and balayaged to a level 8**

Formula: The Color XG 4A + Blue Intensifiers on base to mid strands. 10A + Blue Intensifiers to the ends. Process the color formula for 20 minutes and then comb through to melt and blend for a seamless transition. Process for the remaining time. (35 minutes)

Product Suggestions. MarulaOil Rare Oil Replenshing Shampoo & Conditoner.

MarulaOil uses TIME-RELEASE TECHNOLOGY to nourish and hydrate hair throughout the day. Whereas other oils would simply rinse away, MARULASPHERES bond to hair like a magnet and deliver fresh bursts of marula oil every time you touch, style or brush your hair.




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