Pick A Card, Any Card

As a stylist you either dread a color correction, or, wait for that perfect guest to walk through the door.

I’m all in!

Color corrections are one of my favorites. It allows me to challenge my foundation and explore the unlimited opportunities color gives us to make a one of a kind experience for our guests.

You can not get this from a box. It comes with love, knowledge & technique.

So what card are we dealt today ??

Platinum Card!!


My guest came in with “lived in” color, that being said, she hasn’t been to a salon since May. Our desired result for the finish product was a pure platinum blonde. Time to load the SyncroLift into a black bowl and foil little packets all over her head. Apply lighter one inch away from the scalp and all the way through the ends.

*Tip* Saturation is key. A lot of times when working with lightener the biggest discovery for not processing evenly or consistent is saturation of product. “Don’t be shy, just apply.”

Once I applied the platinum card technique I reapplied SyncroLift to the regrowth area with 20 volume and applied barbie foils to help lift a little quicker and evenly.


Main goal for creating the perfect blonde is to lift to a level 10 (pale yellow) this takes time and pick the volume of developer depending on the porosity, texture and  density of your guests hair.

**Top Coat Formula** (better words for toner)
10A + Clear: The Color XG
Apply in the shampoo bowl on damp hair. Process until desired result.

9A : Pm Shines. This is to just add moisture to the hair strands and balance anything that may not have took with the first formula. Leave on for 5 minutes.

Go to products:

Forever Blonde Shampoo & Conditioner.


Forever Blonde products are powered by exclusive KerActive protein that “hugs” the hair to help repair damage, while safflower oleosomes replenish lost moisture and seal the cuticle. The result is stronger, healthier hair with long-lasting hydration and shine.




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