Spring Awakening

Spring is here and the flowers couldn’t come any sooner. 

Walking around my neighborhood one morning to the salon, this amazing garden was in full swing with fresh roses starting to emerge. 

We find inspiration as colorist from all avenues of our life and the moments we find our minds wondering. 

Color doesn’t exist without light and this particular morning the sun shined down upon this garden that made me want to give my color bar the spring awakening it’s been waiting for. 

We’ll call her, “Coming up Roses.” 


My beautiful model started with a really warm canvas of worn down balayage. It was definitely time for a spring makeover. Since she was living in a warm canvas, I used it to by advantage. 


Step One. 

Determine where we are going. Sectioning will be your best friend so our road map is clear. I chose to focus on the four sections above the partial ridge. 

Step Two. 

Working with Babylights and Balayage to break our warmer canvas up a couple levels to allow for our rose hue to shine bright; I went in with Paul Mitchell Synchrolift Ultra Quick Blue Powder Lightner and 20 Volume cream developer. 


In between the babylights I created a light rouge to the hair to apply my same Lightner formula for my balayage. 

Step Three. 

Process for desired result for your blonde canvas. (I love that my babylights would get me into the Level 9-10 range and my open air Balayage into the 8-9 warmer range. ) 

Rinse out and shampoo/condition with Rare Oil Marula Oil Shampoo and Conditioner. 

Step Four. 

Formula for our Ink Manicure in the Lather Lounge. 


Utilizing Ink Works to give me a gorgeous rosey hue, mix up 1 OZ White .5OZ Hot Pink 

Apply on damp hair for 20 minutes. 

Rinse out with cool water. 


The new RareOil Marula Oil Styling Collection I prep my models hair to give her a replenishing, long-lasting, and touchable blow out


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Salon Owner. National Educator for John Paul Mitchell Systems. Blogger. Editorial Stylist

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